Hypertufa – Making Mud Pies

Deborah DeLong:

I’m obsessed with hypertufa!! :-)

Originally posted on The Garden Diaries:

In the gardening world, it is very trendy to make hypertufa garden troughs for planting succulents and miniature plants. Hypertufa is simply a man-made imitation of light weight tufa rock which can be molded into planters. Troughs are pretty easy to construct and a whole lot cheaper than purchasing a pre-made one.  A sizeable trough around 15″ long can set you back at least $50. The cost of making several of your own will cost less than $20 in materials so it is worthwhile to make them.

Any Excuse for a Party!

Recently, I invited about a dozen friends over for a ‘trough-making party’ with instructions that I would provide all the materials and they would just need to bring a mold, with a face mask and gloves.  A mold could be a sturdy box, a straight sided Tupperware container or just an old Styrofoam ice chest. It all depends…

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