Deborah DeLong:

Dormice forever!!

Originally posted on EcologyEscapades:

I have been lucky to see such a number of dormice over the last few days – at the weekend I went out to Scotney Castle for my monthly visit to do the dormouse checks there with my trainer. And yesterday, myself and my work colleagues went to the Wildwood Trust in Kent for a refresher course on general ecology and handling. For me, it reinforced what I had learned from the previous course a few months ago.

At Scotney Castle, we found none of the males that were present before, though we did find quite a few new nests. But we did find one female with seven young! The normal litter size for dromice is 4-5. These were recorded as grey eyes open, as they only weighed about 5.8 grams each. They were adorable.

We also found a nest containing three young yellow-necked mice, that jumped about in the bags…

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